GemOro® Next Generation Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2-Quart. In great condition. Does not include a basket. Retail for $265.

From the3 manufacturer: "This GemOro® Next Generation ultrasonic cleaner delivers two powerful cleaning modes, both exclusively designed by GemOro and powered by the proprietary, high-performance, industrial-strength GemOro transducer. Select the desired cleaning mode with a simple flick of the switch; choose between:
• Power Sweep™ is designed for general cleaning and outpowers other ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning action during the cycle. This mode is ideal for gentle cleaning and helps protect delicate jewelry pieces.
• Turbo Sweep™ delivers twice the power to the cleaning action; its more-aggressive cavitation is clearly visible in the tank during the cycle. This mode is perfect for your toughest cleaning jobs and dirtiest jewelry pieces."

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