Here is a quick quide on what it is and how you can join in! Huge thank you to our new sponsor of the challenge Pepetools!

Chain created by @may.amoibe for the first ever #metalsmithchallenge

The #metalsmithchallenge is something I started back in April of 2018. The idea was to have a monthly theme to create a piece of jewelry and all are welcome to join! The goal was to inspire those who participated to go outside of their comfort zone, encouraging them to try a new technique or make something that wasn't their typical style.

I then take the submissions I receive and share them with the rest of our community with either a post on the @metalsmithsociety feed or an IGTV.

The one "rule" of the challenge:

It's pretty simple, the only real rule is you have to make the piece of jewelry that month. Please don't send me something you made a few years ago that happens to fit the challenge :)

How to have your piece featured:

When we first started and were a smaller community you could just post about your piece and tag me in the image but now due to the volume of submissions I prefer you email me. I don't want to miss your submission! My email is corkie@metalsmithsociety.com and in the subject line please put whatever the current month is along with "metalsmithchallenge". 

Images + videos:

Your email should include some pictures and/or a 5 second video of your piece. It is really helpful if these are in a square format. I will add your handle either as a tag or a text overlay so adding it the image is unnecessary. Please include your Instagram handle in the email, even if you send every month ;)

Deadline to submit:

This part is important: it can take me a few hours to go through my email and get everyones images and create a video so please email me your submissions no later than two days prior to the end of the month. My schedule with two little ones at home can be a bit hectic so I have to make sure I have the video done the day before ;)

How we choose a theme:

The theme is voted on every month in my stories. I choose two themes and create a poll. This is always either the last or first day of the month. 

Where to find the current month's theme:

I have a story highlight called "CHALLENGE" and if you click on it you can find the current month's challenge theme.

Suggesting themes:

I need your help! I am always looking for ideas for future #metalsmithchallenge themes. You can email me your ideas or even post a comment on this article and I will add to my list.

I always look forward to seeing what you all create and it's been wonderful to see people try new things and gain confidence. Thank you again to Pepetools for supporting this monthly challenge, we appreciate you! If you would like to see challenges we did in the past head over to the TIP SEARCH and search for "metalsmithchallenge" :)