Did you ever have the desire to connect with other jewelers, to pick their brains?!?

Back in 2018 I had this strong desire to connect with other jewelers. So I created Metalsmith Society. Metalsmith Society is a community within Instagram where jewelers support one another by sharing knowledge! A safe place where jewelers of all levels can ask questions and share their techniques. All are welcome to join our community as long as they are kind and respectful, kinda rare on the internet these days.

I have been making jewelry since I was in high school, and I graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Jewelry Design in 2007. However my path was not linear, I experienced many personal set backs and struggles prior to launching my own line Corkie Bolton Jewelry in 2016. In 2022 my book, Metalsmith Society's Guide To Jewelry Making was published. 

Corkie Bolton founder of Metalsmith Society in her jewelry studio in Rhode Island holding a copy of her book: Metalsmith Society's Guide To jewelry Making.

I'm married and a mother of two. I'm originally from New York so I have a thing about bagels and pizza.






Corkie Bolton wearing the 2023 Metalsmith Society Raglan T-shirt in her jewelry studio.


Corkie Bolton wearing the 2022 Metalsmith Society T-Shirt featuring a snake and an anvil.


Corkie Bolton wearing the 2021 Metalsmith Society design in her jewelry studio.


Corkie Bolton wearing the 2020 Metalsmith Society design in her jewelry studio. The design features a panther.


Corkie Bolton wearing the 2019 Metalsmith Society Sweatshirt in her jewelry studio.


Corkie Bolton in the original 2018 Metalsmith Society design.