Eco Jewelry Handbook: A Practical Guide for a Healthy, Safe and Sustainable Studio by Christine Dhein

This book is an incredible resource for jewelers who are concerned with their health and safety in their studio. It provides detailed information and health ratings on all types of chemicals regularly used by jewelers (flux, patina etc.) and also has information on sustainability and making your work more environmentally friendly!



Complete Metalsmith: Professional Edition by Tim McCreight

This is a book I purchased in college back in 2005 and it still holds up. Tim McCreight has an excellent way of explaining techniques that make this book an excellent choice for beginners. It covers all the basics and includes a bunch of helpful charts and tables. 

How To Create Your Own Jewelry Line: Design – Production – Finance – Marketing & More by Emilie Shapiro

This book is AWESOME. So much great advice for those interested in wholesaling their work. After I read it a few years back I decided to rebrand my jewelry line (it used to be called Metal Ribbon Studio lol). It walks you through some pricing formulas as well. 


Creative Wax Carving: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Craft with 15 Jewelry Projects by Emilie Shapiro

If you are interested in learning how to carve waxes for lost wax casting go ahead and buy this book. Even after having ten years of experience under my belt I found this book had a bunch of neat tricks and tips i'd never considered. It also has a bunch of fun project ideas!



Professional Stonesetting: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Setting Techniques by Alan Revere

This book is written by Master Goldsmith Alan Revere and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning stonesetting. He incorporates gorgeous pictures and phenomenal instructions. There is also an index of tools you would need for various techniques and a thorough description of said tools. This book covers various bezel settings, prong settings, gravers, bead setting and a little bit on channel setting. There are projects and practice pieces you can work on to practice these techniques.


Soldering Demystified by Jeanette K Caines

If you are new to soldering get this book, if you have a college degree like me you will still learn from this book. It breaks down all the knowledge you need about the tools required and the various types of solder and it includes very clear photos of various projects which you can practice.