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Whether you are a self-taught jeweler or a professional, adding to your library of jewelry making books is always a worthy investment! This is my personal list of jewelry book recommendations ranging from project books, to specific techniques like stone setting and enameling. I hope you find it useful!

Jewelry Book Recommendations

Metalsmith Society's Guide To Jewelry Making

I am so proud of this book which includes in-depth information and tips on working in silver and has ten simple projects to get you confident in soldering and stone setting. You can order a signed copy from me.

The New Silversmith: Innovative, Sustainable Techniques for Creating Nature-Inspired Jewelry (Mastering the Art of Jewelry Making) Hardcover – April 2, 2024

This book is currently available for pre-sale and will arrive on doorsteps in April 2024. I am beyond excited for this book from the extremely talented Nicole Ringgold. Nicole has developed her own techniques to create some of the most amazing botanical themed jewelry I have ever seen. You definitely want to add this one to your collection!

Nicole Ringgold's Jewelry Making Book.

Sustainable Jewellery - Principles and Processes for Creating an Ethical Brand by Jose Luis Fettolini

This book is a deep dive into what sustainability means and how to achieve it in our jewelry world. This book was updated in 2022 so it has all the current resources for  sustainable metals, ethical gems and even other alternative materials. If your goal is to move towards sustainability this book it for you! 

Sustainable Jewellery Book

Silver Jewellery Making: A Complete Step-By-Step Course

This book was written by a member of our community, Machi de Waard. It is a practical beginners' guide to making silver jewelry, with step-by-step projects guiding the reader through seven projects. The projects are designed to help the reader gain skills and techniques and eventually progress to making their own designs. I like that some of the projects are PERFECt for beginners to gain confidence in soldering!


Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers: Techniques, Treatments & Applications for Inspirational Design Paperback by Elizabeth Bone

This book does a fabulous job of covering a TON of topics ( annealing, pickling, soldering, cutting and filing, basic forming, cold connections, chain making, findings, casting, texturing, chasing and repousse, etching, reticulation, marriage of metals, precious metal clay, stone setting, filigree AND granulation.) Includes some great instructional images.. A really nice addition to a beginner's library! It will give you the information you need about all different kinds of techniques, what tools are required and some hints and tips! I know we all love tips ;) 


Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers Book


Eco Jewelry Handbook: A Practical Guide for a Healthy, Safe and Sustainable Studio by Christine Dhein

This book is an incredible resource for jewelers who are concerned with their health and safety in their studio. It provides detailed information and health ratings on all types of chemicals regularly used by jewelers (flux, patina etc.) and also has information on sustainability and making your work more environmentally friendly! 



Complete Metalsmith: Professional Edition by Tim McCreight

This is a book I purchased in college back in 2005 and it still holds up. Tim McCreight has an excellent way of explaining techniques that make this book an excellent choice for beginners. It covers all the basics and includes a bunch of helpful charts and tables. 

How To Create Your Own Jewelry Line: Design – Production – Finance – Marketing & More by Emilie Shapiro

This book is AWESOME. So much great advice for those interested in wholesaling their work. After I read it a few years back I decided to rebrand my jewelry line (it used to be called Metal Ribbon Studio lol). It walks you through some pricing formulas as well. 

 How to create your own jewelry line book by Emilie Shapiro


Soldering Made Simple: Easy techniques for the kitchen-table jeweler

Soldering Made Simple takes all the mystery and fear out of soldering so that amateur jewelry makers — even those who have never held a torch — feel empowered and confident. Friendly and thorough instructional text and step-by-step photos help readers build skills gradually, which they can then employ with the included projects. Joe Silvera presents soldering techniques that use a simple setup, a handheld butane torch that is safe and easy to operate, and a few other supplies.


Professional Jewelry Making by Alan Revere

This book is written by Master Goldsmith Alan Revere, you basically can't go wrong with one of his books. It includes tons of basic projects that I highly recommend doing if you are looking to improve your skills or if you are in need of some inspiration!

Professional Stonesetting: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Setting Techniques by Alan Revere

This book is written by Master Goldsmith Alan Revere and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning stonesetting. He incorporates gorgeous pictures and phenomenal instructions. There is also an index of tools you would need for various techniques and a thorough description of said tools. This book covers various bezel settings, prong settings, gravers, bead setting and a little bit on channel setting. There are projects and practice pieces you can work on to practice these techniques. 

 Soldering Demystified by Jeanette K Caines

If you are new to soldering get this book, if you have a college degree like me you will still learn from this book. It breaks down all the knowledge you need about the tools required and the various types of solder and it includes very clear photos of various projects which you can practice. 


Soldering Demystified By Jeanette K Caines

Wax Carving For Jewellers by Russell Lownsbrough and Danila Tarcinale

Drawing on the experience of two master wax-carvers, this book gives invaluable advice on wax carving for jewelry making. With over 400 color photos, it covers  setting up for wax carving, tools, tool-making and materials. There are exercises that introduce the beginner to using wax and then build ideas and confidence to try more complex designs. Included are advanced techniques that show how to use stones in a carving and how to add texture and surface detail. Finally, finished examples demonstrate the potential, excitement and versality of the method.

Wax Carving For Jewellers Book

The Art of Enameling: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration by Linda Darty

When I decided to start experimenting with enamels again in 2023 I picked up this enameling book and it's perfect if you are starting out! It's filled with information on all the tools and various techniques you can use in enameling.

The Art Of Enameling By Linda Darty


The Art Of Stamping by Matthieu Cheminée

This is the best book I've seen about stamping. It not only has thorough instructions on how to create your own steel stamps for jewelry making but it also covers how to work with stamps and develop patterns. The author also conducted interviews with artists who specialize in stamping, collecting cultural history from around the world. Another welcome addition is the inclusion of a photographic archive of more than 300 historic stamps.

Magical Metal Clay by Sue Heaser

Considering working in precious metal clay pick up a copy of Sue's book! It will inform you about all the tools and techniques to get you started including how to fire with a torch, gas burner or kiln!

Magical Metal Clay is a book about working in precious metal clay.

Jewellery Making Journal: Business Organiser for Jewellery Makers and Designers 

This Jewellery Making Journal has been designed to help jewellery makers with their hobby or business. Keeping track of components and costs can be the most challenging aspect of any craft and this journal will help you do just that. With pages to track and record designs and costs, templates for new ideas, and an inventory to keep track the cost of components, you will be able to price your items with confidence and ease.

In The Company Of Women by Grace Bonney

This book is not about jewelry making specifically its an amazing book filled with inspiration and advice from over 100 female makers, artists and entrepreneurs. I love having this in my studio to pick up while on a break and get a jolt of inspo! 


In The Company Of Women Book




Creative Wax Carving: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Craft with 15 Jewelry Projects by Emilie Shapiro