Every month over at Metalsmith Society a new project theme is announced for the #metalsmithchallenge. The purpose is to have fun, challenge yourself and perhaps make something you normally wouldn't. So many of us dedicate all our time to the production of our jewelry lines I thought it would be a nice way to get to experiment, creating something that doesn't necessarily need to be for sale.

In April the theme of the challenge was TRIBUTE. Dedicating or honoring a person or pet with a piece of jewelry. I'm so blown away by what was created and wanted to share the stories or sentiments behind each piece.

@heatheroleari "Hand carved 18kt yellow gold Angel Wings. A pink bead from a favorite necklace was incorporated into the design to keep love and memories near the wearer. "

@thewanderingmetalsmith "A piece I made as a tribute to my father who has been a recent inspiration to me to always continue learning. Despite nearing the end of his engineering career he has been studying coding languages and machine learning through online courses this past year for the purpose of personal development and to improve his ability to perform his job."

@corkieboltonjewelry "This pendant has hairs from the first haircuts of my both my children, encapsulated underneath a magnifying cabochon. I plan to get it hand engraved with their names or initials on the back."

@lilactreemakes "It’s been so lonely without you here ☔️My little metal tribute to the Purple One, modelled by @sammylouiseox His music will live on in our hearts! 🎵 💜"

@tuppenceanddelilah "L O V E A L W A Y S B L O O M S.....You may remember that I mentioned working on something very special last month, well I can now show you what it was
I was making a very special hollowform bracelet for my mum. This has truly been a labour of love I can tell you!
Every technique was a first for me..I have never hand pierced a design into silver sheet, I have never made anything hollowform before and I have never made chain from scratch but I wanted it to be a real tribute to the love I feel for my mum who has been a true inspiration to me, teaching me that whatever life throws at you, no matter how unjust, sad or downright tragic giving up is not an option! .
I am including this in April's @metalsmithsociety #metalsmithchallengeas the theme "Tribute" really sums up what this piece is for me...a tribute to my mum."

@fariskeidesigns "So this Easter, my sister came home, because sadly our 19 year old pet cat, Missy, is about to depart for cat heaven. 19 years! Can you believe that?! She's pretty heartbroken about it, so I was able to fashion her this little cat ring as a reminder of the 19 wonderful years she's spent with us. Pets are family and it's always rough when we lose one. 
We love you Missy girl 😻❤"

@speciellajewellery_mdillner ”Buddha in Disguise.” On this mala I put the fingerprint from the one you consider to be the master in your life. (Your child, your partner...😅) And on the bracelet I put your childs fingerprints. 
Tributes to our beloved. 💛"

Thank you so much everyone that participated, if you'd like to participate in a future challenge all you have to do is create something with that months challenge and use #metalsmithchallenge and tag me @metalsmithsociety.

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