I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the studio of  Molly Avellar during my recent vacation to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her studio is located in the back of the boutique she owns with mother called  Adorn. Molly specializes in gorgeous one of a kind pieces. She is inspired by the gemstones she carefully selects and the coastal town she lives in.

Molly uses a mat underneath her soldering bricks that protects her wooden table. Check those out here.

She has a view of her gorgeous boutique while she works in her studio.

She organizes her gemstone trays inside a drawer unit she got from Ikea. Her gemstone trays were purchased at a variety of places but you can find similar ones here.

Molly has an awesome tip for keeping track of the amount she pays for her gemstones, she just puts a fictitious number before and after the price she paid. This stone for example was $25.00 so her code is: 325004. Genius!

This mini magnetic tumbler gives Molly's work a nice even surface prior to the final polish. She loves how easy it is to take her pieces in and out and how quickly it works (10 minutes gives her work a nice finish!)

One of her favorite tools is her  bench knife. It is  perfect for when you have a tight area next to a bezel you need to push down.

Be sure to check out the Adorn website to shop all the gorgeous designer jewelry.

Visit Molly's website to view her gorgeous work and follow her on Instagram!

 I picked up this hand salve while in Molly's store and it is AMAZING. I use it in my studio after a day of beating up my hands.

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