Laura and I met on a sidewalk in downtown Dedham, MA and immediately hugged it out. She has a super friendly and open personality much like my own and I knew we would be fast friends. With my son Dean and her beautiful husky Minka in tow we made our way through the gorgeous Boston General Store and into the basement where her studio is located.

As soon as we entered her space I felt somehow like I'd been transported to a cabin in the woods. Her studio compliments her jewelry collections perfectly, which are inspired by her outdoor adventures.

She uses a 3M hook affixed to the side of her bench to keep her flexshaft from swinging around. This. Is. Genius.

She keeps jars of various chip solders at her bench. Chip solder is super convenient to use and helps you apply an appropriate amount of solder to a project.

Laura taped magnets using 3M duct tape to her acetylene torch. This made it so that she could use her magnetic torch stand!

She did mention she thought in the future she might invest in another magnetic torch stand but for now both torches sit together.

She uses a Magnetic Media Separator to quickly take her magnetic media in and out of her Magnetic Pin Finisher.

It is an awesome tip to consider beautiful, thoughtful packaging to accompany your work when you send out an order. I adore Laura's packaging, which matches her collections so well.

We did make sure to take a selfie, that is me on the right :)

Be sure to check out Laura's website which she will be launching in November 2018!

Huge thank you to Laura for welcoming me into her space! Be sure to follow her on instagram @thewildpine

Also be sure to check out Boston General Store @bostongeneralstore (I couldn't resist buying a few things!)

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