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Sponsored by our friends Gesswein this is my 2020 holiday gift guide for jewelers. Whether you have a loved one who is a jeweler or hobbyist or you are looking for something to splurge on for yourself this list should provide some awesome ideas!

Fordeom Dust Collector

This is a big ticket item but WORTH EVERY PENNY. The Fordom Dust Collector is a powerful vacuum that collects harmful airborne particles and valuable metal dust! I use mine with the additional Foredom® Fishmouth with Shield which quickly hooks onto my GRS Mounting Plate. All that dust I collect, goes straight into my bucket for refining and I get hundreds of dollars back, multiple times a year!

GRS Mounting Plate

If you read the previous item and was wondering what the heck the GRS Mounting Plate is they are AMAZING. If your loved one (or you) dream of having a Benchmate System get started by getting the mounting plate and bench pin! This plate attaches to your bench and from there they can collect all types of vises and attachments! 

GRS Bench Pin Kit

Once you have the mounting plate you slide this bench pin on. The benefit is to be able to quickly change from your bench pin to another tool (like a benchmate) in seconds! 

Sanding Detailer™ Sets

These sanding sticks are awesome, they are great for sanding around smaller details of your work and fitting into tight spaces! This set features eight sticks, grits 220-1200. I like that you can replace the sanding belts.

GRS® MicroBlock® XL

This amazing rotating vise is perfect for holding pieces while setting! You can heat up some of the included Thermoloc and safely secure earrings, pendants, rings or any other piece you are working on.

Gesswein® Stainless Steel Ruler

This a great little add-on item and essential for every bench. A stainless steel ruler with both millimeters and inches.

Panther Mug

I'd be a fool to not include my own merch on my own holiday guide, lol. For the jeweler that also enjoys a cup of coffee or tea you can get the 2020 Panther mug. Only available through 12/31/20. They can also be produced in Europe making them a good choice for those  in Europe that want to avoid customs fees. I also have tons of other stocking stuffers as well: sharpies, pins and stickers. Mugs start at $21 on

ECO-Torque 280 Rotary Micromotor

This micromotor is a great option for someone who does not yet have a flex shaft. It is just under $200 and is wonderful for an at-home set up! It has the torque to handle all the grinding, sanding and polishing we need to do as jewelers but it’s significantly quieter than a flexshaft. 

Automatic Electric Torch Lighter

An electric torch lighter is a game changer! You can light your torch quickly with one hand. I love mine!

SilverSmith™ Air-Acetylene Torch Kit

For the person who is looking to upgrade their torch or is looking for their first torch: the air-acetylene is my favorite set up. You purchase this kit and then go to your local plumbing supply and get the tank of acetylene. Here is my article on How To Choose A Torch For Jewelry Making to see if it is right for you.

Foredom® Rotary Tumbler

I've owned many tumblers and this one is really cool. This innovative tumbler has no belt! Very easy to open and close, runs smooth (no need to prop up one side to get it to turn lol.)

Bur & Tool Caddy

Give the gift of sweet, sweet organization. This bur caddy has various holes to hold your favorite burs and magnetic strips to hold your smaller tools. 

Dedeco® SUNBURST® Knife Edge Radial Discs - 7/8" Assortment

I talk about radial discs every year because for a long time they were what I used to polish my work. If you have a flex shaft this assortment set will get you a high polish. These are knife edge (to get into tight spaces) but they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can't go wrong with these!

Online Classes With Lucy Walker

I have personally taken these classes and they are great. Lucy is funny and very knowledgable and I highly recommend her classes. Why not buy one for a loved one and give them something constructive to do in the new year?

Hopefully this gave you some great ideas! All of these tools are available from our sponsor Gesswein and when you use code MSS5  you not only save 5% but they will also give back to the page with each purchase. If you are in CANADA you can also receive the discount by using code: metalsmith. Thanks for checking this out!

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