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Please note: This Gift Guide For Jewelers contains some affiliate links, all are products I have personally used, love and wanted to share.

This is my fourth annual holiday gift guide for jewelers, and I really look forward to putting this list together every year! Whether you have a loved one who is a professional jeweler or hobbyist or you are looking for something to splurge on for yourself this list should provide some awesome ideas!

The first item on my list is my book, Metalsmith Society's Guide To Jewelry Making. Not only is this book an excellent gift for anyone from teens to retirees, I would be a fool not to put it on my own gift guide. I have a limited amount of Signed Copies available as well ;)

Metalsmith Society's Guide To Jewelry Making By Corkie Bolton

If you are buying a gift for a jeweler that sells their work consider getting them a gift card to Replica Surfaces. Replica Surfaces are amazing photography backdrops I've been using for years to photograph my jewelry. These lightweight surfaces create the perfect backdrop for someone to create cohesive photos of their work for their website and social media! Be sure to use code Photos12 to save 12% off your order, shop here.

A custom stamp from ImpressArt allows a jeweler to add their maker's mark to their work. I own several in different sizes because it's nice to have a smaller stamp for smaller pieces and a larger more detailed stamp for the back of larger pendants. A gift card to ImpressArt allows them to order exactly what they need.

Custom Stamps with a jeweler's logo on them

Give the gift of sweet, sweet organization. The uKERF™ Jeweler’s Saw Blade Organizer and Dispenser is a customizable organizer that will hold your most-used jeweler’s saw blades, it has 8 large compartments that you label with your favorites. It also has one compartment labeled as “Wax Blades or Mixed Blades” for when you find that single blade and do not know what size it is! $29 from Pepetools.

uKERF™ Jeweler’s Saw Blade Organizer and Dispenser

Cleaning up metal dust and sending it to the refiner can put so much money back in your bank account. One of the ways I collect metal is by regularly vacuuming my clothes, work apron and bench area after I've been sawing, filing and sanding. The BISSELL AeroSlim Lithium Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum is a small vacuum I actually purchased for my kids to be able to clean up after themselves. It is affordable and can easily be emptied into your refining bucket! Retails for $41 from Amazon.

BISSELL AeroSlim Lithium Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum

For the jeweler in your life that appreciates a functional gift, get them an Embroidered Society Apron. These new and improved cotton and denim embroidered work aprons are made in the US and embroidered in MA. They come in three color options and retail for $40. Buy one here and thanks for your support!

Metalsmith Society Work Apron Gift Guide For Jewelers

This next item on my list is a bit of a splurge but is a complete game changer. The Thompson Enamel Kit with Tabletop RapidFire Kiln Beginner's Set from our friends PMC Supplies. I have this affordable kiln and it sits right on top of my bench so it's fantastic for smaller spaces. With this kit you can get started with enameling which is SO MUCH FUN. It is a tool that will give you a lot of versatility. $784 from PMC Supplies

 Thompson Enamel Kit with Tabletop RapidFire Kiln Beginner's Set Jewelry Making Enameling

Many years ago our community member @dangbravegirl shared her wooden pastel boxes she uses to store her gemstones. This has gone on to be one of the most used tips we have shared. These beautiful wooden boxes with shallow drawers are perfect for storing your stone stash. $44 on Amazon

Pastel Storage Box

Support another small business, jeweler Taylor Saleem and purchase one of these amazing Sweetest Saw Frame Pins. I love the design! $12 from Taylor Saleem.

Sweetest Saw Frame Pin By Taylor Saleem

Do you know someone who is just getting interested in jewelry making? Spark their interest with the Essential Stamping Kit from ImpressArt it also comes with an ornament kit so they can make their own keepsake ornament. I will definitely be doing this with my 5 and 7 year old. $110 from ImpressArt.

Holiday Gift Guide For Jewelers

Here is an item for the jeweler who has been at it for while and is starting to invest in some quality tools. Our friends Lindstrom seriously make the best flush cutters. Flush cutters are the type of tool you end up using everyday, cutting wires... trimming metal. If you are looking to buy a gift for someone who geeks out about tools you can't go wrong with the Lindstrom RX 8160 Micro-Bevel, Ergo Large Head Side Cutter. $106 on Amazon.

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

One of my favorite suppliers of gorgeous stones, Turquoise Moose offers gift cards. Such a great gift idea. You choose the amount :) They have turquoise, opals, labradorite, garnet, citrine, chalcedony, spiny oyster, tourmaline and so much more!

A Superior Ring Bending Tool from Pepetools is another one of those tools that once you have one to help you bend heavy ring shanks effortlessly you will wonder how you ever did without it. $299 from Pepetools.

Pepetools Superior Ring Bending Tool

Give the gift of learning! Lucy Walker's Metalsmith Academy is seriously amazing and for $470 which is the cost of some weekend workshops you can gift an ENTIRE YEAR. Sign up for a year of classes!

Online Jewelry Classes

If you want to find all the items available on Amazon in one place visit the Metalsmith Society Amazon Storefront!

This has been a busy, challenging year for me and I appreciate the support I have received from the members of this community and sponsors of the page. I appreciate you all so much.




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