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These days we have the amazing ability as small businesses to sell our jewelry directly to customers, using Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube and some other cool platforms I probably don't even know about to market ourselves. I have been almost exclusively selling my jewelry this way for the past few years. When someone makes a purchase from my online shop a package shows up at their door (exciting) and the unwrapping of said package is an important part of my customer's overall experience!

Corkie Bolton Jewelry Hot Foil Shopping Bag For Jewelry Business

Before we even discuss packaging options let's first talk about a logo. Hiring a designer to create a custom logo is a fantastic investment, I can't stress that enough. Once you have a custom logo you can order custom stamps for your actual jewelry, as well as use the design on your website, social medias and packaging! Make sure you are committed to the name you choose, I also have an article about why I rebranded several years ago.

custom logo jewelry stamps

P.S If you need a custom stamp email: tell them you are a part of the Metalsmith Society community and they will hook you up ;)

Part of thinking about your logo is actually thinking about your vibe as a designer. Are you witchy? Do you create high end pieces? Is your ideal customer in a motorcycle gang?!? Perhaps your work is eco conscious! Your logo and packaging should compliment your work and it should all be "on brand".

When you are first starting a jewelry business it's important to stay within budget when purchasing your packaging. A great #DIY option is to purchase a custom ink stamp with your logo and then carefully apply it to your choice of box or bag. Be mindful that simple logos will stamp more successfully than ones that are very detailed. You can also use the stamp for thank you notes which I always include in every jewelry order I receive. 

velvet bag with custom jewelry branding

Have you ever heard the expression "fake it till you make it"? Investing in professional packaging even if your business is still in it's early days gives each new customer the experience that they just shopped from an established brand. The first type of packaging I ever invested in was custom hot foil boxes and I still use them to this day. Both Stuller and Rio Grande offer hot foil printing and I've ordered from both companies and both are fantastic! You can customize boxes, bags, tissue paper and polishing cloths! 

I have links for my packaging and my eco-friendly shipping materials here.

custom hot foil jewelry boxes for Corkie Bolton Jewelry

Some members of our community want their packaging to be as minimal and environmentally friendly as possible (heck yea!) there are many recycled and recyclable options. There is also an option to place your jewelry on plantable, seed paper that has been stamped with your logo! You could also leave your logo off of your boxes to make them reusable for your customer but include branding some other way.

You also want to think about shipping materials. I use shredded recycled paper that is black so it's "on brand" for me. Ecoenclose is where I purchase my eco-friendly shipping boxes and mailers. You can pack and protect your jewelry without the use of plastic, which is rad!

I hope this article has given you something to chew on, whether you are just starting out or you've been in the game a long time.

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