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Starting an email list can seem daunting. I often talk to jewelers (and other makers) who want to start an email list because they know it will benefit their business but they are overwhelmed and don't know where to start. So I'm going to lay out the steps I would take to get started today so you can start increasing your sales and engagement on your website.


Go sign up right now for Flodesk using THIS LINK. It is going to give you 50% off your first year of Flodesk which amounts to $19 a month with the discount, $228 for that first year. One of the things I love about Flodesk is even though I have 18,000 email subscribers I still pay the same amount, they do not charge me more, the more subscribers I have (Mailchimp does do that, just sayin.)

But Corkie, I don't even have my website...I'm not ready to start collecting emails.


Don't worry we got this!! Now that you have signed up for Flodesk you don't even need a website to start collecting emails! Flodesk will host a landing page where people can sign up for your list! If you do have a website you can create a pop-up. My pop-up has had over 10,000 sign ups since I created it a year and a half ago! Look people can even choose if they want to hear from me weekly or monthly how cool is that?!?


Now that you have a link to where people can sign up you can put that in an Instagram story, in the link of your profile, and/or mention it in your reels/posts/tiktoks whatever the kids are doing today :) Set a goal to mention your email list at least once a week. It takes time to build! Even if you aren't ready to email yet, you can start collecting those emails today.


Create your first gorgeous email. Flodesk is great for us because we want to spend more time creating and less time on our computers. The templates are stunning and super easy to use.After you create your first email you can choose to set up a workflow. A workflow is a super easy automation that when someone signs up for your list they automatically get put in a workflow and you can automate that first email, or even create multiple emails that are evergreen and can continue to go out!


If you like and I do recommend this, you can incentivize people to sign up for your list with an offer. It doesn't have to be a percentage off it could be another offer like first access to a new collection, a free gift with order, or some other cool offer you come up with. You got this!

If you want to see how I do it you can sign up for my jewelry email list here.

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