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Whether you have a loved one who is a jeweler or hobbyist or you are looking for something to splurge on for yourself this holiday season this list should provide some awesome gift ideas!

Boom Brick

I LOVE MY BOOM BRICK. It is a portable speaker you lay your phone on top of so you can blast tunes while you make jewelry! No connection cables needed, no bluetooth required, and no batteries! It is compatible with any device and has about 6-8 hours battery life then you charge it up with it's included USB! I have also used mine at backyard summer cookouts, works awesome! $41.48 on Amazon.

GRS Mounting Plate

If your loved one (or you) dream of having a benchmate system get started by getting the mounting plate and bench pin! This mounts to their bench and from there they can pourchase all types of vises and attachments! $25 on Amazon.

GRS Bench Pin Kit

Once you have the mounting plate you slide this bench pin on. The benefit is to be able to quickly change from your bench pin to another tool (like a benchmate) in seconds! $43.95 on Amazon.

Revere Pliers With A Wooden Stand

Gift them excellent pliers and the means to organize them all in one! Designed by renowned goldsmith Alan Revere, this exceptional set features four different high-quality pliers made from carbon tool steel: Round-nose, Chain-nose, Flat-nose and Flat/Half-round forming pliers! $139 on Amazon.

Eco Jewelry Handbook by Christine Dhein

Whether someone is a beginner or they have been making jewelry a long time the Eco Jewelry Handbook is an incredible gift! It's a resource for anyone concerned about health and safety in the studio, and people who care about the impact of mining precious materials on people and the planet. $19.95 on Amazon.

Digital Caliper

One of those tools I didn't have when I first started out but was a game changer! This is my go-to tool when I need to measure pieces of metal or stones. $26.99 on Amazon. If you want the best quality that will last forever and have the most accuracy go for the Mitutoyo brand $115 on Amazon.

Society Mug

I'd be a fool to not include my own merch on my own holiday guide, lol. For the jeweler that also enjoys a cup of coffee or tea I have a few different mug designs. (They can also be produced in Europe making them a good choice for those  in Europe that want to avoid customs fees.) I also have tons of other stocking stuffers as well: sharpies, pins and stickers. Mugs start at $21 on

Foredom H.20 Quick Change Handpiece

If you or the loved one you are shopping for already has a Foredom flex shaft, a quick change handpiece is SO LUXURIOUS! It is one of those things you definitely don't need, but man they are nice to have. With a quick flip of the lever you can switch out bits, so it's a big time saver! $81.33 on Amazon.

Sunburst Deluxe Polishing Assortment

If you are trying to blow someone's mind when they reach into that stocking, this is the kit to get. Before I owned a polishing machine, I relied solely on my flex shaft and used radial discs get my final polish. This 116-piece deluxe set contains: 1/2" Snap-On, 5/8" & 7/8" Discs, 2mm & 3mm Polishing Pins and Points in All Grit Textures Plus 5425, 5431, 7081 and 7083 Mandrels. It's the perfect gift for all the DIYers in your life! $124.95 on Amazon.

You can also get just the Radial Discs here.

This Macro Lens is an awesome way to capture detailed, up close pictures of your jewelry or gemstones using your phone! Available for $99.99.

The lens do require a case to screw into but thankfully they are gorgeous! Cases start around $39.99.

Firescoff Ceramic Flux

This flux works fantastic and is rated one of the safest options. Definitely a nice gift to get for a jeweler on a budget, who might not buy this for themself! $25.95 for 125ml on Amazon.

Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors

Featured during a #tooltalktuesday these scissors are AWESOME. Super sharp and great to have in the studio. I use a pair to cut bezel wires and other thinner gauge pieces and I use another pair in my garden. Love them! $20.20 on Amazon.

Glardon Vallorbe Barrette File Cut 2 

When it comes to quality Glardon Vallorbe files can last a lifetime and then get passed on to another a jeweler. They are great! I put a "barrette" file on this list because they are only cut on one face, meaning there is a large, safe surface that is referred to as the 'back'. This means only one part of the file can cut a workpiece, leading to a great degree of security against mistakes. Not to derail us, but if you want more info on files and the different cuts check out this post. I do think a #2 cut is a great option that will quickly remove material but you can also go with something like a #6 to have more of a finishing file!

Tronex Flush Cutters

So running this page I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with a lot of flush cutters and these ones from Tronex, are the the ones I reach for everytime. It is the type of tool that every jeweler will find useful. Sharp, efficient, flush wire cutters! Can be used on wire or solder, worth the cost in my opinion! $58.95 on Amazon

Bisley 5 Drawer Cabinet

For the organization lover in your life: I own two of these and I LOVE THEM. They are metal, aesthetically pleasing and make fantastic storage for jewelry pieces, gemstones or tools. All of my polishing compounds and wheels live inside one of these! They also come in some fun colors but I like the black, lol. $126 on Amazon.

Starrett Dividers

Starrett Dividers are an awesome investment! They offer far greater precision than economy dividers and in jewelry making precision is everything! They come in different sizes but this 3" pair starts at $51 on Amazon.

Hopefully this gave you some great ideas! You can also check out my #tooltalktuesday page for other ideas! If you can find these items locally, go for it! If you do decide to shop through my Amazon links I will receive a small kick-back, so thank you for supporting the page!